Nice children’s room playroom combination

Nice children’s room playroom combination

A separate playroom in the house is always nice for the children. A safe space in the house, where the children can completely go. Here we have written about the perfect playroom in the attic , which is a dream for every child. But it is also possible to combine the playroom with a nursery. This would be very possible if the nursery is big enough. Today we want to inspire you with the perfect example of a children’s playroom combination.

Large bedroom

We found this children’s room in the portfolio of interior & architecture firm Flatwhite. They have designed and decorated a modern two-bedroom house in Prague. Two bedrooms are not very many, but the big advantage is that both rooms are super large. For example, in the master bedroom it was possible to set up a separate walk-in closet. And the other room is therefore big enough to combine the children’s room with a playroom.

Multifunctional play bed

Just like the rest of the interior, they have also opted for the combination of a chic herringbone wooden floor and clean white walls. A large niche is present next to the tight door. In this niche they have created a super fun multifunctional play bed. Downstairs you will find a kind of bedstead with a large chest of drawers and open shelves against the wall. And on top of the bed a play area has been created, which can be reached by means of a fixed ladder. The balustrade of thick ropes ensures that the children can play safely.

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