Green Idea: Nihola Tricycle

Green Idea: Nihola Tricycle

Green with envy. The Nihola Tricycle is the Dutch urban starlet of transport bikes. We like the balanced aesthetic – the cycle is all old-world charm, the chariot is clean and sleek.

But what we love most is the lifestyle the Nihola inspires.

We’re used to American-style bike trailers for kids, attached to the back of ten-speeds, racing down dedicated bike paths on Sunday afternoons. But the concept of a carrier bike to move young kids and sundries as an everyday mode of transportation is foreign to most of us living State-side.

Thus, Nihola seems more like a concept than a reality (in our city at least). Nevertheless, we love the Nihola and others like it.



  • Looks
  • Green living
  • Fun
  • High head turning quotient
  • Stable – three wheels instead of two seems to provide more stability; front chariot means kids are in your view at all times.
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