Tubular glass vacation home encases a full-grown tree

Tubular glass vacation home encases a full-grown tree

It’s a striking design, but one perhaps better off without the signature tree.

A nimble bearded gentleman ascended an 80-foot sequoia in downtown Seattle Tuesday afternoon and, as of publication, has refused to come down after a nearly 24-hour standoff with officials.* From this improbable impasse, a folk hero for the Internet age has emerged. His name?


Believed to be a local homeless man with apparent mental health issues, Seattle’s tree-scaling, apple-tossing renegade has captivated the attention of not just Seattle but the entire nation. While we continue to question his motives and ponder what it will take for officials to coerce him from his precarious perch, it becomes more and more apparent that there’s a little bit of Man In Tree in all of us.

Screw it. The world is a scary place. I’m just going to scramble up this here tree and not come down.

While the situation in Seattle has provided us a gift in the form of a much-needed distraction from an otherwise dark news cycle, it’s still a dicey scene for both the mystery man himself and emergency personnel. “We can’t spread out the trampolines and get out the tranquilizer gun as if he’s a bear … We’ll just have to wait him out,” observed one onlooker to the Seattle Times.

That being said, here’s a look at a tree-based living arrangement fitting for Seattle’s meme-generating scofflaw that’s not a public safety hazard.

Source from: mnn.com

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