Self-Defense Weapons: 11 Guns You Need for When SHTF

Self-Defense Weapons: 11 Guns You Need for When SHTF

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to self-defense weapons, and different guns are better suited for different situations. Check out our 11 of our top picks in the list below.

Self-Defense Weapons for When SHTF

The gun you choose for self defense will be different from the gun your choose for perimeter protection. Handguns are more convenient, can fit in a purse or waist holster, and are much easier to conceal. On the other hand, rifles might be the better choice for defending your home, when you may need to shoot an attacker from a distance. And even within these two categories, there are hundreds of different calibers, brands and types of guns to choose from.

Choosing a survival weapon is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. But with all the options available to you, making that choice can seem overwhelming. You may not always be able to carry a gun so I make sure I carry a knife and a tactical pen for those days I have to leave my gun behind.

Our friends at Outdoor Warrior have put together a list of 11 Types of Guns That Will Keep You Alive Come Doomsday. They’ve broken down some of the best guns for survival and why you should consider adding them to your arsenal. Here are the guns they’ve chosen:

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