Royal Enfield Thunderbird X coming this Feb (2018)

Royal Enfield Thunderbird X coming this Feb (2018)

On February 28 motorcycle manufacturer Royal Enfield will unveil its newest creation, the Royal Enfield Thunderbird X.  While the date has not yet been confirmed by the company, current customers have been receiving invitations to the unveiling.  Two models will be presented, the Thunderbird 350X and the Thunderbird 500X with the 500X sporting a more powerful engine of 499cc.  The engine on the 350X will be a 346cc.

The original Thunderbird 350 made its debut in 2000 and the Thunderbird 500 in 2012 which solved all of the complaints against the 350.  Royal Enfield has retained the mechanical features for the 350X and the 500X with mostly cosmetic changes for the new bikes.  Reportedly, the new models will have better performance, less chrome in favor of grey and matte black paint, a single piece seat, and uniquely styled handlebars.  The 350X will have a carburetor and 500X will be fuel injected.

Royal Enfield has been in business since 1890 making motorcycles, lawn mowers and bicycles out of Redditch, Worcestershire in Great Britain.  In 1909 they produced a 2 ¼ horsepower motorcycle with a Swiss V-twin engine.  The 1911 model increased horsepower to 2 ¾. The JAP 6 HP 770 CC V twin came out in 1912 and included a side car proving to be the company’s most popular model.  Royal Enfield produced a motorcycle with their own engine in 1914.  With the onset of World War I, an attachment for a machine gun was adopted for the side car that could be aimed straight up to attack low flying planes.  Royal Enfield became a major supplier of military motorcycles for both the United Kingdom and Russia.

The Great Depression negatively affected Royal Enfield but thanks to their bicycle department, it was able to remain afloat.  During the Second World War the company, again, provided motorcycles for Great Britain.  The Royal Enfield WD/RE was a 125cc designed to be dropped by parachute along with troops.

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