Parastoo Chair By Ali Alavi

Parastoo Chair By Ali Alavi

Parastoo Chair Inspired by Swallow(tern) designed by Ali Alavi.

Ali Alavi: I respect for all kind of chairs. In my opinion one of the most important and classic and special stuff in interiors design is the chair . The idea of Parastoo chair comes from a Swallow(tern). Perhaps the shining and slick surface in Parastoo chair with different and special design it has been made only for very special and Unique places.

About the Designer: Ali Alavi is a Tehran based Architect, Designer and Photographer. He was born in 1978 and got his master’s degree in Architecture from Tehran Azad University in 2008. He started his artistic career as a teenager in graphic designing and continued to become a photographer in a few years. He continued to work as an industrial designer when he was studying architecture and after ten years of experience, due to his lifetime passion he started the Ali Alavi Design.

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