Best Interior Design Projects By Marcel Wanders

Best Interior Design Projects By Marcel Wanders

The name Marcel Wanders can’t definitely be unrecognized in the interior design industry. Take a look at the designer’s best projects!

Every design professional knows the name Marcel Wanders. A leading interior design studio with more than 1900 iconic projects around the world which a few of the names include premium brands such as Alessi, Baccarat, Bisazza, Louis Vuitton and Swarovski.

The man behind it, Marcel Wanders works hard to shape the design industry giving a more romantic and humanistic approach, while developing a contemporary language that is personal and an incentive for the post-post-modernist era. Wanders creates projects that excite, provoke and never fail to surprise. To replace the coldness of industrialism that we live in today Wanders creates an environment of love, life and passion for the clients.

To celebrate such beauty today we decided to share with you the top best Interior Design Projects the designer has developed along the years, and it was definitely not an easy choice.

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